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TRIA physical therapists attend Football Medicine conference in Spain

The physical demands of soccer are different from most other sports. Players must sprint, cut, and shoot, all while trying to control a ball with their feet. Since players are constantly moving and changing directions, there are potential for injuries. Common soccer injuries do not necessarily vary from other sports-related injuries, but how one recovers and returns to play are quite different. The Return to Soccer Program at TRIA began as a way to help athletes recover the right way. Out of the desire to address these differences appropriately, the TRIA Return to Soccer team was born.

We talked to TRIA physical therapist, Craig Dorn to learn more about starting the Return to Soccer Program.

To build the Return to Soccer Program and ensure patients are getting the best care, two physical therapists attended The Future of Football Medicine conference in Barcelona, Spain. The conference was put on by FIFA and Isokinetic Medical Group at Camp Nou, home of the FC Barcelona, Spain’s professional football team.

Since soccer is such a popular sport in Europe, the TRIA team knew the knowledge gained would be necessary to help build the Return to Soccer Program.

Who from the Return to Soccer Program went to the conference in Spain?

In 2017, Brian Edmonson and I attended The Future of Football Medicine Conference. Around 2500 other attendees from 91 countries, we were able to learn about the most recent research related to soccer injuries and return to sport from leading experts around the world.

What did you learn at this conference?

We came back to TRIA with so much information. The lectures included the latest research on injury prevention, rehabilitation and return to sport. We were able to learn from doctors, physical therapists and trainers from high-level soccer teams across the world.

How does what you learn impact your soccer patients?

We were able to bring back valuable information from the conference and integrate it into our Return to Soccer Program.  Which has helped us make it a more comprehensive rehabilitation program. Our program not only help players return to sport, but helps reduce risk of future injury.

For more information about visit the Return to Soccer Program webpage or call 952-806-5616 to schedule a soccer evaluation.

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