Heather Cicanowski, Family Medicine physician, TRIA Orthopaedic Center - Woodbury

Heather Cichanowski, MD, CAQ

Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

Woodbury - TRIA

Growing up, I pursued competitive biking, swimming and canoeing, but my main sport was cross-country skiing. I remain active in all of these sports today. My own athletic experiences, including injuries, sparked my strong interest in sports medicine. My practice focus is the care of musculoskeletal injuries as well as the non-musculoskeletal aspects of sports medicine, including return to play decisions and injury prevention. From my own experiences, I know how important it is for injured athletes to resume sport participation timely, efficiently and safely. I am a medical volunteer for many local events including the Twin Cities Marathon and high school football games. I travel internationally as team physician for the U.S. Cross-Country Ski team.