TRIA Timeline

TRIA Timeline


  • TRIA Orthopaedic Center opened
  • First two research studies launched



  • Dedicated space for Acute Injury Clinic opened on 2nd floor
  • Two procedure rooms added to Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • First cast room opened


  • TRIA/Hilton Recovery Program launched
  • First Physical Therapy expansion occurred
  • Medical records moved offsite
  • Clinician workspace moved to 3rd floor


  • Second Physical Therapy expansion occured
  • Two exam rooms added to Pod D
  • MIRP procedure rooms created
  • Surgical supply space expanded
  • TRIA Fit Gym created on 3rd floor
  • Outcomes program initiated


  • Bone Densitometry added
  • Own the Bone started
  • TRIA Mobile created


  • Surigical supply upgraded
  • Clinic expanded with 5 additional exam rooms in new Pod A
  • Casting room added
  • Call Center moved to Resource Library
  • Acute Injury Clinic moved to Pod F area
  • Prior Acute Injury Clinic space converted to exam rooms for Clinic


  • Administration, PT, TRIA Fit Gym, Call Center and Conference Center all moved to Physical Therapy and Education Center
  • Third MRI added
  • Hand Therapy increased treatment space
  • Sports medicine community outreach program began


  • Acute Injury Clinic expanded and moved to 1st floor and Pod G opened. Sport Concussion program began
  • TRIA Trolly started


  • MRI/Imaging reception relocated
  • Pain Program began
  • Pharmacy opened on 1st floor


  • ASC remodeled and expansion added 11 post-op bays and additional dictation space on 3rd floor


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